You gaze across the rhythmic swaying sea of vibrant green. Surging skyward and bursting with nutrition, the field whispers sweetly to your bucks. And they come, eagerly and quickly, right into your sight to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Yes, you worked very hard for that healthy green food plot. You did everything right – performed a soil test six months before planting, added the recommended amount of lime to raise your soil’s pH and fertilized. Then you chose a brand of food plot seed carefully. Passing over the straight agricultural grains, you went right to the forage varieties. They’re the ones with years of research and breeding behind them to give you the best chance for excellent tonnage, palatability, stand and plot life. They’re the ones bred specifically for deer. And you planted them when there was proper soil moisture just before the next good rain.

Like many things in life, there’s high quality, low quality and quality in between. Learning the difference is the key. The same goes for food plots – there are high quality seeds, low quality seeds and some in the middle. And the key to food plot quality is the research behind the seed. You don’t have to settle for a mediocre agricultural food plot. This year plant a blend of seeds that are bred for deer – ones designed to deliver the palatability and nutrition you want for your bucks.

Most agricultural seeds like milo, soybeans and rye can germinate and grow. But these types of seeds are bred more for cattle than deer. You want a powerhouse blend of seeds that are specifically designed for the animal you want – bucks! And you want your food plot to keep drawing those bucks through the entire season – much longer than most agricultural plots.

So the best thing you can do is choose a brand of food plot seed that has a strong research program behind it. There are a select few on the market that truly focus on research as a means for delivering top performance. One of them is the new food plot line from Purina Mills®.

The deer research scientists and biologists at Purina Mills® have been hard at work developing a line of food plot seed for deer that has no equal. Partnering with the top deer research minds at Mossy Oak® BioLogic®, the Purina Mills® philosophy on food plots can be boiled down to one phrase: SmartBlend™ Seed Technology.

Purina Mills® SmartBlend™ Seed Technology is the exclusive science-based researching, breeding, testing, selecting and blending of high performance forage seeds that work in harmony with each other. Each type of forage seed sprouts, grows, matures and reaches maximum palatability at a different time over the life of the food plot. This helps protect the plot from heavy browse pressure to grow unequalled tons of high-quality forage. And it’s forage designed with your deer in mind.

Along with SmartBlend™, Purina Mills® introduces the UpSurge™ Brassica. Upsurge™ is the fastest growing and most palatable brassica plant we’ve ever tested. And it can only be found in the new Purina Mills line of deer food plot seed blends: Attractor Supreme™, Texas Perfect 10™ and Antler Advantage™.

To learn more about the new Purina Mills® line of food plot seeds for deer including UpSurge™ – the world’s most palatable brassica, call (800) 227-8941 or visit your nearest Purina Mills® dealer. To find the dealer nearest you, call (800) 227-8941 or visit our convenient dealer locator at Let the experts at Purina Mills® help you grow bigger and healthier bucks.

By Rob Echele, MBA Marketing Manager, Purina Mills