Superior Straw Bedding

Superior Straw Bedding

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Superior Straw Bedding is a perfect way to provide warm and soft bedding for your animals.  Our state-of-the-art de-dusting process is important for creating a clean & healthy environment for your animals, allowing them to relax and be more comfortable.

Our straw bedding is more absorbent than baled straw or wood products and is not treated with chemicals.   Ideal bedding for horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, alpacas, dogs, sheep, guinea pigs, llamas etc.  It is dust-free and traps odors.

Superior Straw bedding is environmentally friendly.  It is easily compostable and is an excellent organic enhancer as it forms a complete biological cycle that takes 100% all-natural wheat straw from the harvested grain crop and allows you to return  the used straw bedding back to the soil.

Other Benefits

  • Chopped small enough to sift through the fork so it is easier to clean stalls/pens, leaving less bedding to replace than regular straw.
  • No chemicals are added to the straw.
  • Reduces barn odors by trapping ammonia gas.
  • Superior over wood products and has more bedding per bag than a standard bag of wood shavings.
  • Easy to transport in a family vehicle – no mess to clean up.
  • Packaged in 4.0 mil bags making it weatherproof and easy to stack and store.
  • Great for transporting livestock and trailering horses.
  • Easily saved and stored when smaller portions are needed.
  • 3 cubic feet of highly compressed premium straw bedding that expands to 10-12 cubic feet. Don’t let the size of the bag fool you!!

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