Nutrena® Pelleted Rice Bran


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An extruded, 18% fat supplement. Designed for show horses, performance horses and hard keepers, it supports muscle development and hoof condition. This extruded pellet is easily mixed in with other grains to help enhance your horse’s feeding program.

  • An extruded fat supplement designed for show horses, performance horses and hard keepers
  • Natural High Fat Content provide additional calories for performance without hyperactivity
  • Extruded/Pelleted Form mixes will in grain rations
  • Fixed Ingredient Formula for consistent palatability and consumption
  • High Vitamin E Content which enhances antioxidant protection for necessary immune system and muscle function
  • Elevated Essential Fatty Acids support desired hoof and coat condition
  • Balanced Levels of Calcium and Phosphorus to complement existing feeding program.

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