Dbc Agricultural Backyard Chicken OXY E100, 30 Milliliters, Treats 90 Gallons of Water

Dbc Agricultural

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Sanitizes water to reduce exposure to water borne pathogens and cleans watering equipment

Providing a safe, clean, high quality water source for young chicks and older adult poultry can help reduce exposure to waterborne pathogens that can impact bird health and productivity. It also helps clean your watering system of the biofilm and organic matter that builds up over time. Oxy E-100 is a simple, safe and effective water sanitizer to be used in every gallon of fresh water to reduce exposure to waterborne pathogens from contaminated water or equipment. Directions for Use: Use daily. Add 6 drops in 1 gallon of the drinking water. Wait 15 minutes before adding HealthyFlock Tabs and Zyfend A. Clean waterers regularly. Each 30 ml bottle contains enough for 90 gallons of water. Always read and follow all label directions. Oxy E-100 is available individually and packaged 12 bottles/case display box.

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