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Our #1 selling food plot product, Honey Hole is a fabulous northern hunt plot that grows even in tough conditions and deer love it!

  • Features five varieties of rape and turnips
  • Treated with Ultra Coat Orange for higher germination rates, increased forage yield
  • Cool weather tends to increase consumption (we’ve seen a 3 ft. tall plot devoured in 10 days!)
  • Plant late summer or early fall

HONEY HOLE is a mixture of 5 unique varieties of brassicas, which include 3 varieties of rape, and 2 varieties of turnips. This awesome Hunt Plot is an ideal plot for the fall and winter. After the first frost the plants go from bitter to sweet and the deer love them!!  Because these plants will thrive with little or no tilling, anyone can create their own “HONEY HOLE.”

WHY HONEY HOLE?  Planted in the Spring, Summer or early Fall the plant varieties in Honey Hole will mature in 60-90 days and provide the whole deer family the PERFECT Fall and Winter food source.  The plant varieties that make up Honey Hole are easy to use, establish fast and grow quickly…while a 6.0-7.0 pH is preferred Honey Hole can grow in a wide variety of soil conditions and is a little more tolerant to soil acidity than some food plot mixes.  Deer will begin to consume the leafy greens as the plants begin to grow and mature, but once the weather turns cold and the plants are impacted by a hard killing frost or multiple hard frosts a molecular change occurs…this dramatic change triggers plant maturity and allows the plants to convert their stored up starches into sweet sugars.  This change increases consumption and deer will flock to your Honey Hole plot to consume the sweet tasting sugary plants providing an extremely palatable, highly digestible energy source the deer need for survival.   The hand picked plant varieties in Honey Hole make it the best Fall and Winter hunt plot available and is the foundation of any late season food plot and deer management program.

NUTRITION:  Once established the leafy greens in this Brassica mixture will provide 16-22% protein and the bulbs in both turnip varieties slightly less protein.  As the weather turns cold and the molecular change helps convert the starch to sugar these Brassicas will provide 4% gross energy (equivalent to corn).  The benefit to Honey Hole over corn is that it provides the same amount of highly sought after energy in the Fall and Winter, but is much easier for a ruminant animal like a deer to digest as 60-90% of the turnip plant is digestible. When the weather turns cold deer seek what they need to survive and Honey Hole provides the vital food sources deer seek the most!  Create your Honey Hole today!

  • Fast growing and easy to establish.
  • Cool weather will increase consumption.
  • Comprised of 5 varieties of Rape and Turnips.
  • For best results plant in late summer or early fall.
  • Treated with Antler King’s® Ultra Coat Orange for higher germination rates and increased forage yield.
  • Plant HONEY HOLE less than 1/4″ deep.
  • Recommended fertilizer is 19-19-19 or 13-13-13 at 300lbs. per acre.
  • pH should be between 5.5-6.5.
  • 3 lb. Bag Plants 1/2 acre.

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