Agri-Fab Deluxe Push Broadcast Spreader


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Choosing the right spreader for your lawn.

You'll need to know the size of your lawn to help determine which size spreader you need.

  • For a rectangular or square lawn, simply multiply the length times the width for total square feet.
  • If your lawn is a triangle, multiply the length of the base times the height, and divide that number by 2.
  • If your lawn is circular (or close), measure the distance from the center to the edge. This is the radius. Multiply that number by itself (r2) , and then multiply by pi (3.14).
  • If your lawn is irregular, you can break it up into smaller areas, figure those sizes and then add them up.
  • Convert square footage to acreage by dividing your total area by 43,560, the number of square feet in a single acre.

Once you have determined the size of your lawn, use the chart below to pick the spreader that best matches your acreage:

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