Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Droll Yankee

Yankee Flipper Droll Yankee

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* Birds will not set it off, not even larger species like Woodpeckers and Cardinals. But the minute a squirrel hops on to the perch, the motor is triggered and the feeder begins spinning, taking the squirrel for a whirl before it loses its grip and is thrown gently from the perch.
* The seed tube is generous in height, making it impossible for squirrels to hang down from the top reach seed
* The four feeding ports are easily accessible via the perch ring
* The heavy metal cap fits snugly on the tube to prevent squirrels from lifting it to reach the seed
* The clear feeder tube makes the seed visible to the birds, a proven advantage. Made of UV Stabilized Polycarbonate, it ensures long lasting durability without yellowing, its length and girth are designed to prevent squirrels from reaching the seed ports.
* With a large 5 lb. capacity, you don’t need to refill your feeder every day
* An internal baffle design keeps seed flowing freely to the ports
* With the metal top and base powder coated in Forest Green, the Flipper looks great in any yard
* Hang the Flipper securely from its heavy duty signature looped stainless steel wire which reduces motion
* Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage to the feeder; one year Limited Warranty on electronics
* Components made in the U.S.A and in China

Need to replace your Flipper’s Powerstick? See our YouTube video for instructions:


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