Deer have been known to abandon corn, wheat and even lush food plots in the name of one of their favorite meals: acorns. Acorn Rage® feeds their obsession with 100% real acorn flavor in an irresistible collection of rack-building attractants.


Wildgame Innovations® has the solution you need to bring in the real monsters on your property. Keep ’em fat and happy ’til harvest time. Made with the best and freshest ingredients in formulas you can easily apply to any hunting site.

Get your hunting site ready for a killer season!

Real acorns, one of the most effective natural deer attractants, blended with roasted soybean meal. Preserves the taste and smell of real, ripening acorns, freshly fallen to the ground. Attracts deer like nothing else. Weighs 5 lbs., 8 ozs.

A lick with a difference! Infusion is a combined attractant and mineral supplement designed for long-lasting, controlled release and consumption. Just screw it into a tree and sit back… big bucks will keep coming back for more. Weighs 5 lbs., 4 ozs.

Combines infused apple flavoring with liquid peanut butter… deer can’t pass it up. Hangs from any tree branch or even your deer stand! Slowly drips out over a span of 3 days. 1 / 2 -gallon bucket. Weighs 5 lbs.