ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler

Show Sheen Polish Spray 32 oz

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The world’s #1 horse hair detangler and grooming aid

Formulated by hair care professional and backed by research, ShowSheen® Original Hair Polish & Detangler is clinically proven to smooth hair, improved detangling and significantly reduce hair breakage for fuller, longer manes and tails. ShowSheen®, applied regularly over a horse’s coat, will work for days to repel dust, mud and stains, keeping horses cleaner longer. And of course, ShowSheen® is renowned for providing an unparalleled radiant and healthy shine.

  • Proven to reduce hair breakage* for fuller, longer tails – guaranteed
  • Protects hair from damage due to brushing
  • Repels dirt and dust to help horses stay cleaner, longer
  • Contains pro-vitamins to nourish coats and silk proteins to strengthen manes and tails
  • Ideal for use before clipping, removing burrs, sand spurrs, tough knots and eliminating static
  • For use on multiple species including dogs, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, pigs and more

Recent independent studies prove ShowSheen® Original Hair Polish & Detangler significantly reduces hair breakage, smooths hair and eases detangling to promote improved hair quality.

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