Scratch & Peck Sprout Ferment Starter Kit

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This all-in-one sprouting and fermenting kit is a simple way to increase the nutrient absorption of Scratch and Peck Feeds organic whole grains and feeds for your chickens and ducks. The processes can be easily done on a kitchen counter or covered outdoor patio.

Sprouting our organic whole grains provides fresh greens and increases nutritional bioavailability. In the winter months, when there is little to forage on outside, sprouting a tray of barley, wheat, whole peas or oats is a great way to supplement your hens’ or ducks’ layer feed. In sprouted grains, complex compounds become simple compounds, and the digestibility of the nutrients increases. More vitamins and minerals going into your animals lead to overall better health. Please note that sprouting grains doesn’t replace a complete feed and serving a well balanced layer ration is still recommended.

Fermenting our certified organic feeds increases nutrient absorption and satiation, and requires less feed per serving.

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