Scratch & Peck Cluckin’ Good Herbs

Scratch & Peck Cluckin’ Good Herbs

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Cluckin’ Good Herbs are a natural preventative remedy for chickens and ducks of all ages. Use Cluckin’ Good Herbs to support digestive and circulatory health as well as control manure odor. Our herb mix is also a laying stimulant, has antibiotic properties, will deepen egg yolk color and improve respiratory health. Always offer clean fresh water, age appropriate grit and oyster shell for laying hens.

Nettle: Strengthens egg shells, laying stimulant

Ginger: Stress reliever, appetite stimulant, antioxidant

Garlic: Reduces odors, immune support, antimicrobial

Basil: Antibacterial, repels flies and mosquitoes

Thyme: Aids in respiratory health, antiparasitic

Calendula: Deepens egg yolk color

Oregano: Natural antibiotic

Parsley: Laying stimulant

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