Ritchie Waterers – Omni Combination Conversion (OCC)

  • Smooth rounded corners for animal’s safety
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Ease in installation
  • Low to the ground, ideal for calves and other small animals
  • Immersion heater heat protection available for cold climates (sold separately, part number 16311)
  • Durable deep trough for reliable water supply.
  • *NOTE – Not intended for use with hogs
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The new Omni Combination Conversion provides an easy way to add a lower trough to your already existing Omni 5 and Omni 10 waterer.  Featuring smooth rounded corners, insulated casing and the same durable construction found in all of our waterers, the Omni Combination Conversion (OCC) is ideal for calves, sheep and other small animals.  Sized to replace the access panel, the Omni Combination Conversion is also easy to install giving you a versatile watering solution.

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