Pro Graze 2 lb seeds 1/4 acre

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The Ultimate Food Plot for your deer herd… A premium mixture of perennial and annual
forage seeds to create a highly digestible food plot with the greatest possible protein and mineral content. The annual brassicas serve as a cover crop to protect the clovers and chicory until your perennial plot is established.

Forage Brassica:
The best yielding New Zealand forage brassicas (including rape and turnip varieties) blended together in ProGraze to deliver the highest levels of protein and mineral content of any annual forage crop available on the market today… up to 38% protein. By blending brassica varieties this mixture has been adapted to an extremely wide range of soils and weather conditions and will provide both abundant large-leaf and root forage into the winter months. Average mature plant height is 24” tall.

Perennial Forage Clover:
The best of the proven perennial forage ladino clovers are used in ProGraze to attract deer and consistently provide high levels of protein and mineral content that deer will increasingly need throughout the entire year… up to 35% protein. All of the clover seeds are coated and inoculated to assure nitrogen fixation of the clover plants. These plants were chosen protein and mineral content, high TDN and their drought resistance.

Perennial Forage Chicory:
New Zealand’s standard year-round forage provider delivers the highest known levels of protein and mineral content of all perennial forage crops… in excess of 30%. This forage crop will establish itself during the first season, growing a long tap root similar to a carrot that stores nutrients and moisture for long dry periods. This increases the amount of available forage for the spring, summer and fall months. Average mature plant height is 15” tall.

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