Purina Game Bird Layena ETTS is a complete 20%-protein breeder diet formulated to help support optimum fertility, embryo development, egg production, and chick vigor in all species of game birds. Feed from one month prior to start of egg production until birds is out of egg production. Formulated with balanced levels of amino acids, energy, vitamins and minerals designed to keep breeders in top condition for egg production and hatchability.Purina Game Bird Layena ETTS is also calcium fortified for strong egg shells and is a complete feed – no mixing required.

  • Complete feed – Convenient, one product will supply your birds with all the nutrients they need
  • Consistent quality – Provides uniform nutrition, birds are getting a complete, balanced ration with every bite
  • Flexibility – Breeder Layena Product is suitable for all species of game bird
  • Formulated for breeder birds – Specifically designed to meet the special dietary requirements of breeder hens
  • High protein (20%) – High performance, high protein plus extra vitamins and mineral means that your birds will produce healthy, strong chicks
  • Optimum levels of amino acids and salt – Proper protein and salt levels provide maximum protection against cannibalism caused by imbalances of these nutrients