• HIGH PROTEIN & FAT: Manna Pro Mealwrom Munchies are are high in nutritious protein and fat, making it a perfect nutritional treat or reward for growing and adult poultry or fowl.
  • WHOLESOME & DELICIOUS: 100% dired mealworm treat for backyard chickens, poultry, or fowl.
  • STIMULATING & FUN: Perfect for flocks who have limited access to finding their own insect snacks.
  • TREAT RIGHT: Manna Pro 100% dried mealworms contain 50% Crude Protein, 20% Crude Fat, 10% Crude Fiber and 12% Moisture making them a wholesale and delicious treat for all classes of poultry.
  • FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Feed ½ to 2 tablespoons of Harvest Delight per bird daily depending on their size. When feeding coarse grains, always provide a source of natural stones or free choice access to Manna Pro Poultry Grit.