Mazuri® Petting Zoo Diet

Mazuri® Petting Zoo Diet is a durable, palatable petting zoo food that can be dispensed easily and fed to animals by zoo visitors. Not intended as a main diet, this low-energy, low-copper, high-fiber food helps a wide range of petting zoo animals maintain proper weight while being suitable for copper-sensitive animals such as sheep and llamas.


  • Extruded form – Increase durability through feeding dispensers.
  • Low energy/High fiber – To help maintain proper weight.
  • Low copper level – To help avoid problems with copper sensitive animals like sheep and llamas.
  • Palatable diet – Animals respond to feeding, which meet visitor’s desire.

Product Form:  Extruded round feed:  1/2″ in diameter

Product Size:  40 lb. net weight paper sack.



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