Mazuri® Mini Pig Youth Diet is a nutritionally balanced mini pig food formulated to help young animals off to a healthy start. This mini pig diet, which contains high-quality milk proteins help transition weanling mini pigs. No supplementation is needed with Mazuri® mini pig food.

  • Complete nutrition – Supplemental vitamins and minerals not required.
  • Contains dried whey – Contains milk proteins to help in transitioning weanlings.
  • Amino acid balanced – Contains those needed for a healthy start and growth.
  • Added fat – To support energy needs.
  • Pellet form – Easy to feed; minimizes dust and waste.
  • Zinc methionine and natural vitamin E – Provides for optimal skin condition.
  • Yucca extract – Aimed to reduce ammonia in urine.
  • Added flaxseed – To support skin and immune system health.

Product Form:  Mini-cube size:  5/32″ diameter x 1/2″ length

Product Size:   25 lb. net weight paper sack.