Maximize 15 lbs seeds 1/2 acre

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The forage plants in Maximize were developed for Spring & Summer to provide a consistent source of nutrients to help establish fawns and provide nutrients bucks need to maximize antler growth. Forage Soybeans and Summer Peas high protein forage in the growing season until frost while the Grain Sorghum and Sunflowers supply a grain source that is available for both deer and game birds well into the Fall.

Forage Soybeans:
Forage Soybeans are newly developed to produce an abundant supply of the high protein legume leaves that deer will continue to eat all Summer. Unlike regular soybeans developed to produce seeds, these new Forage Soybean plants were developed to keep producing tender leaves that deer cannot resist, they just will not quit growing and can reach 8 feet tall if not eaten. One of the best things about these new Forage Soybean plants is that deer already prefer soybeans over other Summer forage crops and now these new forage varieties will stay sweet by producing new leaves all Summer.

Grain Sorghum:
Grain Sorghum is a high volume producer of high quality grain that deer can harvest on an as needed basis. Although deer naturally browse on the foliage, the real benefit is the grain pod produced on the top of the stalk. Deer begin consuming the grain during the Summer as the grain matures and continue to harvest the grain into the Fall months. The high quality grain is a favorite of both deer and game birds (See Game Bird Treat).

Summer Peas:
Ideal for the warmer seasons, Summer Peas are extremely palatable for deer. This annual is drought tolerant and resilient in regrowth. As part of Maximize, Summer Peas are more resistant to overgrazing and have increased longevity.

Sunflowers provide early season forage and grow 4-6 feet tall making excellent cover for deer in the food plot. These fast growing plants shield slower growing plants until established, while providing stalks for vining plants to grow on. When mature, Sunflowers provide seeds for both deer and game birds to consume.

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