Lamb & Kid Colostrum Powder

Lamb & Kid Colostrum Powder, 9oz

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• Colostrum Powder Is A Nutritional Product For Newborn Goats, Which Contains A Source Of Live (Viable) Naturally Occurring Mi
• The Newborn Receives A Generous Supply Of Essential Vitamins and Minerals
• Administer To Newborn Goats Or Lambs As Soon As Possible After Birth: One Teaspoonful In Milk Or Milk Replacer
• Continue Administration Of Product As Long As On Milk Replacer Or Milk
• One Jar Feeds 15 Goats For 5 Days

Vitamin a. Not less than. 5, 500 i. U/. Tsp;. Vitamin d3. Not less than. 2, 750 i. U/. Tsp;. Vitamin e. Not less than. 2. 75 i. U/. Tsp;(. Lactic acid producing microorganism 5 x 109/tsp)(. Equal number of each).

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