Kit ‘N’ Kaboodle, Nestle Purina

Kit ‘N’ Kaboodle 16 LB

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We Stuffed It! When it comes to variety, Kit & Kaboodle has it all! Packed with two Stuffed Morsels and two Crunchy Bits, Kit & Kaboodle is the 100% Nutritionally Complete cat food that makes every meal a mouth-watering occasion!

Kit & Kaboodle has 4 yummy flavors: chicken, beef, ocean fish, and turkey. And with 4 snazzy shapes, Kit & Kaboodle is as fun to eat as it is tasty! Treat your cat right with the only cat food that has it all!

Kit & Kaboodle – the stuffed, crunchy, snazzy-shaped, packed with-flavor extravaganza!

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