Goat Chow, Purina

Goat Chow 50lb, Purina

Purina® Goat Chow® Goat Feed is specially formulated for all breeds and lifestyles of goats. Purina® Goat Chow® Goat Feed is a natural textured sweet feed made with the freshest, sun-grown grains, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals to help your goats reach their full potential.

* Natural product with no animal protein by-products
* Natural oils from pure ingredients – helps keep skin supple
* Goats love the taste; helps reduce sorting
* Key trace minerals for bright eyes, reproductivity, strong bones and healthy immune system
* Vitamins A, D & E for supple skin, healthy coat, excellent milk production and overall good health
* Proper calcium to phosphorus patio for strong bones

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