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Game Bird Breeder Layena 50 lb

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A 20%-protein breeder diet formulated for fertility, egg production, and chick vigor. Feed from one month prior to start of egg production until birds is out of egg production.

* Balanced levels of amino acids, energy vitamins and minerals keeps breeders in top condition for egg production and hatchability.
* Calcium fortified for strong egg shells.
* Complete feed – no mixing required.

* What It Is…A complete ration designed to promote optimum fertility, embryo development, egg production and chick vigor in all species of game birds.

* Features Benefits
* Complete feed º Convenient……One product will supply your birds with all the nutrients they need.
* Formulated for breeder birds……Specifically designed to meet the special dietary requirements of breeder hens.
* Gives you flexibility……Breeder Layena® Product is suitable for all species of game birds.
* High protein (20%)
* Better performance……High protein plus extra vitamins and mineral means that your birds will produce healthier, stronger chicks.
* Optimum levels of amino acids and salt
* Reduced risk……Proper protein and salt levels provide maximum protection against cannibalism caused by imbalances of these nutrients.
* Consistent Quality º Provides uniform nutrition……You know your birds are getting a complete, balanced ration with every bite.
* How To Feed… Feed free choice as a sole ration to birds from one month prior to egg production until production ceases, or until you wish to stop production.
* Important Considerations 1. Clean, fresh water should be available to the birds at all times 2. A feeding program is only as effective as the management practices followed.
* Caution:
Store in a dry, well-ventilated area free from rodents and insects. DO NOT use moldy or insect-infested feed.
* Game Bird Breeder Layena® Product 5438
* Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein not less than 20.0% Crude Fat not less than 2.5% Crude Fiber not more than 7.0% Lysine, not less than 0.9% Methionine, not less than 0.3% Calcium (Ca) not less than 2.5% Calcium (Ca) not more than 3.5% Phosphorus (P) not less than 0.8% Salt (NaCl) not less than 0.25% Salt (NaCl) not more than 0.75%

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