Equine Senior Active, Purina

Equine Senior Active 50 lb

Scientifically studied in senior horses to support optimal function of the aging immune system. A proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran for weight maintenance, shine and bloom. Provides a diet lower in nonstructural carbohydrates that may be suitable for aging horses with carbohydrate sensitivities. Designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of senior horses to support immune function and overall health when fed as directed, Based on “Nutrient Requirements of Horses Sixth Revised Edition–2007” published by the National Research Council. Scientifically formulated with a blend of fiber sources including loose beet pulp helps maintain the senior horse’s body condition and support normal digestive function. Contains Vitamin E to provide additional support for a healthy immune system. With more calories from fat, less from sugar to provide a diet lower in nonstructural carbohydrates to help aging horses with difficulty managing blood sugar levels. Support strong muscle growth, shiny coat and healthy hooves. Designed to be fed with hay or pasture.

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