From Farm Innovators comes the next generation of incubators with digital technology.  This complete kit is perfect for the backyard farmer/hobbyist or to be used for educational purposes.  It has an LCD digital display that shows temperature, humidity and days to hatch.  It comes with a built-in fan kit for air circulation and an automatic egg turner that can hold up to 41 eggs.  The durable plastic outer shell protects the incubator and is easy to clean.
  • Digital display showing temperature, humidity and days to hatch
  • Incutek™ Heater that within minutes heats to factory pre-set of 100°F
  • Hi/Lo temperature notification light
  • Integrated fan that pulls in and circulates fresh air to help keep the temperature stable and improve hatch
  • Automatic egg turner that holds up to 41 eggs
  • Egg candler to check the internal development process of the eggs
  • Durable plastic shell that is easy to clean and protects the incubator
  • Large picture window
  • Deep bottom plastic tray that will fit even large duck and goose eggs
  • Eco-Friendly as it’s made with recycled and insulating polystyrene foam