Buckeye Gro n Win

30lb Bag

Gro ‘N Win is a pelleted ration balancer that delivers essential nutrients that grass and grass/legume mixed forage commonly lacks. It supplies protein, vitamins, and minerals without excess calories, making it a perfect choice for easy keepers, ponies, and other horses that don’t need a full serving of grain to maintain their ideal weight. This versatile feed provides five times the amount of vitamins and minerals found in most feeds and is formulated to complement a forage-first diet. In addition, it includes essential amino acids to help maintain your horse’s topline and support muscle development.

  • Versatile feed to complement a forage-first diet
  • Lower feeding rate and 13% NSC (sugar and starch)
  • 5x the vitamins and minerals of most feeds; no supplementation required
  • Helps maintain and build topline and aids in supporting overall muscle condition

All BUCKEYE™ Nutrition products contain 100% pure, traceable ingredients that are equine-focused and made in a completely med-free facility.

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