EQ8 Gut Health by Buckeye Nutrition is a multi-textured feed for mature horses. Scientifically formulated to maintain a healthy digestive tract while supporting nutritional requirements when paired with good quality forage. Utilizing cooked grains to ensure optimal starch digestion in the foregut, and live probiotics to enhance the functionality of the hindgut, EQ8 Gut Health has the nutrients to optimize digestive balance.

Product Details:

  • Prebiotics and live probiotics that aids in maximizing starch digestion as well as promotes gut health overall.
  • Controlled starch and sugar (lower NSC)
  • Cooked grains to enhance starch digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Highly digestible fiber sources to help minimize dietary risks of colic, laminitis and ulcers
  • Fortified with Gro N Win for a strong amino acid, vitamin, and mineral profile.

Buckeye Promise:

  • 100% whole, fresh, tracable ingredients delivered daily and tested for safety and quality before ever entering facility.
  • 100% equine focused
  • 100% med-free facility