Home Fresh® Extra Egg layer is a 16% protein, highenergy, calcium-fortified grain diet formulated
specifically to support egg production in layers. As a complete, balanced diet, no additional nutrient
supplementation is required. A natural choice for eggproducing hens.

  • NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer® — a research-driven supplement designed to help birds derive optimum nutrition from their diet.
  • High Energy and Low Fiber — whole grain-based diets support optimal growth and development.
  • Marigold extract — natural color enhancer for bright yellow yolks.
  • Prebiotics and Enzymes — multiple enzymes and a proprietary hydrolyzed yeast, aid in maintaining healthy digestion for sustained nutrient digestibility.
  • Essential Amino Acids — quality protein is essential for growth and development, reproduction and support of healthy skin and feathers.
  • Phytase — increases availability of phosphorus, calcium and energy to the bird.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium — essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants help support the immune system, especially during times of stress.
  • Fixed Component Formula — a particular set of quality ingredients limited to a precise range ensures the product meets nutrient specifications at all times while providing diet consistency to support healthy digestive function.