Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Lamb

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Lamb 30 LB

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Every pet parent wants their dog to be happy and healthy, and it takes a special kind of dry dog food to give your furry friend all the nutritional goodness he needs. Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food has everything you could possibly want in a natural dog food formula. Real lamb is the first ingredient in this adult dog food blend – you’ll never have to worry about feeding your dog lamb by-products or filler substitutes again. The lamb’s natural protein provides essential amino acids, and wholesome whole grains like brown rice, barley and oats keep your dog supplied with the complex carbohydrates he needs for energy. What really sets Blue Buffalo dry dog food apart is the unique formulation of the LifeSource bits. These cold-formed morsels contain a specialized balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants chosen by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists. The high potency of these nutrients ensures that your pooch is getting all his essential vitamins and minerals with every bite of natural dog food he takes.

Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food is not just nutritious; it’s also delicious! Your dog is sure to love the natural lamb, grain and veggie flavors that appeal to his natural tastes. Since this dry dog food features real ingredients with naturally high nutritional values, your dog will enjoy not only the taste of real lamb and brown rice but also a shinier coat, stronger bones and teeth, a boosted immune system, and many other healthful benefits. When it comes to natural dog food, Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food offers a complete balance of essential nutrients that positively impact every aspect of your dog’s health.

Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice dry dog food is available in a variety of packaging sizes. Shop and stock up on as much as you like depending on your particular dog’s dietary needs and habits.

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