Backyard Chicken Health Pack

Targets harmful pathogens, helps improve intestinal health and balance while helping to get more out of every pound of feed

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Raising backyard chickens, or other poultry, can be a rewarding family experience, but it requires daily attention to keep your chickens healthy – and to protect your family. In fact, chicken mortality can be as high as 50% without simple measures to help fight the common causes of disease. That’s why we created the all natural, easy to use Backyard Chicken™ Health Pack.

Building on the years of experience DBC Ag Products has in helping to improve the health and productivity of poultry in commercial hatcheries and layer operations, including organic and natural producers, we decided to develop a simple three step program utilizing proven technologies for the rapidly growing backyard chicken market that has a large number of families raising poultry for the first time.

Backyard Chicken Health Pack contains three key products to deliver the most comprehensive poultry health approach in one attractive, innovative package that conveniently delivers enough of each product to treat 90 gallons of water. Here are the three individual products that address critical areas that can affect poultry health and survivability.

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