Musculo-Skeletal 120 ml.


This solution aims to provide your animal with joint support by stimulating the regeneration of cartilage and reducing inflammation in joints. This treatment relieves lameness and stiffness in pets, as well as limping or other signs of pain caused by movement in your animal.

EquioPathics Musculo-Skeletal treats horses, donkeys, cattle, goats, and sheep that are suffering from arthritis, sprains, or bruises. This container comes with 120 mL of liquid and a small dropper that simplifies the administration process and can be used in conjunction with other supplements and treatments for joint pain or arthritis. This treatment works great and is easy to use, so order now!

Key Features:

  • Treats joint pain in horses, donkeys, cattle, goats, and sheep
  • Ideal for treating lameness, stiffness, limping, and pain
  • 120 mL for 30-60 day supply (for single animal)

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