Exceed 11 lb Seeds 1/2 acre

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A one, two, three punch of plants combined to produce a food plot that can withstand forage pressure and provide an abundance of high protein forage. Exceed is a proven combination of forage plants that provide an abundance of high protein forage when they can effect antler and fawn growth the most. Plant during the Spring, Summer and early Fall.

Lablab beans are a fast growing legume that produces tons of high protein forage (up to 27%). Lablab produces thousands of vines that will climb up and over the rest of the food plot. Once established, it is hard for deer to overgraze even though it is one of the most highly preferred plants deer eat. Highly palatable and high in protein Lablab is an important tool in managing your deer herd.

Forage Soybeans:
Forage Soybeans were developed to produce an abundant supply of the high protein legume leaves that deer will continue to eat all Summer. Unlike regular soybeans developed to produce seeds, these new Forage Soybean plants were developed to keep producing tender leaves that deer cannot resist. They will keep growing and will stay sweet by producing new leaves all Summer.

Corn is a comfort forage for deer. In Exceed, corn serves several purposes: first, to act as a cover crop that protects the young bean plants as they establish; then, as a energy and food source for deer and gamebirds during the Fall. Corn also allows the beans to grow taller and produce more rapidly as they vine onto the stalks, this in turn provides excellent cover for all types of wildlife including gamebirds and deer.