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Cluck Yea, 29 oz

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Cluck Yea is a mixture of healthy grains, dried bugs,seeds and earthy greens. (See below for full ingredient list.) Look no furtherto add a dollop of nutrients, vitamins and goodness to your flocks daily diet – this is the one!

Our combined grains are good for digestion and add fiber while the alfalfa is a super nutrient that strengthens bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Treats for Chickens organic alflafa is a super green nutrient that is superb for growing chicks and older birds. Sunflower seeds contain good oils and again, fiber. We know your flock will love them because ours just goes bizurk for sunflower seeds. Calendula petals (more commonly known as marigold) is a healing herb that promotes gold/orange egg yolks and works wonders on gut/digestion. In our Cluck Yea magical green pellets we added kelp meal because we know that not all chickens want to eat kelp so we’ve ….well, we snuck it in there and little-do-they-know, are receiving micro-nutrients and a super vitamin/mineral nutrient in with their treat. Mealworms – we can’t forget the dried mealworms. Do you want to know why your chickens love mealworms SO much? Ahh, it’s because by eating mealworms their plumage will grow glossy, sheen-like and be gorgeous.

You can hand feed our blend to your birds, sprinkle it on the ground or toss out in the yard to encourage natural foraging behavior. Cluck Yea™ is a fun and tasty mixture for the whole flock; chicks and pullets love the smaller pieces while the older, wiser and mature feathered fowl go for it all.

That chortling you’ll hear from the coop and run…..those are soft and subtle thanks and appreciation! Health, Harmony, Cluck Yea!!

Organic, Natural and Healthy
Irresistible, Bugs ‘n Grains and Eggcellent