Cluck ‘n Sea Kelp™

Cluck ‘n Sea Kelp™, 2 lb

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It’s easy, really. Add Cluck ‘n Sea Kelp to your flocks regular daily feed at the rate of 1-2% (1/4 cup per 11 lbs of feed) or 1/2 teaspoon to a scoop of plain yogurt and you can expect:

increased hatchability of eggs
reduced blood spots and increased golden yolk color
reduced coccidiosis outbreaks
bright glossy plumage
strong development of bone structure
increased weight gain and overall alertness.
Additionally, Cluck ‘n Sea Kelp provides uniform shell texture and structure to maintain proper intestinal flora and bacteria. By adding small amounts of kelp to your poultry’s diet, they will gobble us less food and show an improved overall health, with fewer diseases. Not bad, eh?

Not only can chickens and their eggs do as well (in fact, gardens veggies, house plants, composts, and feeble soil do well with the addition of Cluck’n Sea Kelp.

Cluck’n Sea Kelp™ for bright glossy plumage, marvellous orange-y yolks, strong development of bone structure, reduced coccidiosis outbreaks, increased weight gain and overall fantastic healthy intestinal flora and bacteria.

Many of the minerals include: calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, selenium.

Vitamins include A, B1, B6, (NIACIN), B12, D, E, and K. Kelp contains 21 amino acids to include lysine, hystidine and proline.


Provide Cluck ‘n Sea Kelp™ to your flocks regular feed intake at the rate of 1-2% (1/4 cup per 11lbs) or for an added treat; add 1 tsp to two spoonfuls of plain yogurt and serve.

Kelp meal granuals can be fed to baby chicks right after hatch and thorough out the lifetime of the flock.

Organic, Eco-Friendly and Healthy
Add to Feed, Easy to Use – Effective